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PT Astra Honda Motor


PT Astra Honda Motor is the largest motorcycle manufacturing & distribution company in Indonesia, with total employees of more than 10,000 people. In accordance with the vision of the company, PT. Astra Honda Motor is always working to provide the best mobility solution that could meet customer needs with world class management system.

1. Foreign Exchange & Financing Officer (FIN-FEF)
Job Description
  • Responsible to conduct macro-economic analysis and foreign exchange movements
  • Creating reports and analysis of the G/L for Forex transactions
  • Creating analysis relevant financing
  • Conducting insurance-related processes and analysis
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) majoring in Economics (Economics & Development Studies)/ Financial Management/ Accounting
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Mastering the finance field well
  • Have high analysis and understanding of macro-economic analysis
  • High integrity, honest and conscientious
  • Have good English language skills
  • Able to work independently or in team
2. Financial Research Analyst (FPA-FRE)
Job Description
  • Responsible for collecting, comparing and analyzing macro data such as inflation, interest rates & commodity prices periodically
  • Preparing and updating the data base of macro/ micro economics
  • Analyzing and selecting financial models that can be applied to support better reporting system
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) majoring in Economics Development/ Accounting/ Financial Management/ Industrial Engineering
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Understand and be able to analyze the conditions of macro/ micro economic
  • Able to prepare financial statements in English
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Sociable & good interpersonal skills
  • Understand the Windows applications
3. Quality Monitoring Analyst (TSD-QMA)
Job Description
  • Responsible conduct regular coordination with the related Quality Section in AHM regarding technical information that is sent by the network at the Main Dealer, Dealers & AHASS
  • Ensure all Quality Report data in the TOP 20 analyzed well, for then followed up in quality meetings with the related Quality Section
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the improvements made by the related Quality Section in AHM, and give feedback immediately if found to be repeated cases that occurred after improvement
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) majoring in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Have good analytical skills
  • Proficient in English
4. Market Monitoring Processor II (TSD-MMP)
Job Description
  • Responsible for monitoring, collecting, processing & analyze early cases problems of engineering issue from AHASS and Dealer networks
  • Investigation and verification engineering case to the AHASS network and consumers in order to problem solving
  • Verifies the results of improvement the engineering case analysis to related Quality Section, AHASS and Dealer networks
  • Diploma 3 Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Maximum 25 years old
  • Mastering motorcycle analysis/ trouble shooting well
  • Has a good adaptability skills
5. Media Relation Officer (CORCOMM-MRO)
Job Description
  • Responsible for fostering good relationships with the media
  • Develop and manage a database of media and journalists
  • Prepare the company's activities press release
  • Prepare materials for leaders before the interview
  • Develop press gathering programs
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1) majoring in Communication
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Maximum age 27 years old
  • Flexible and easily adapt to various levels
  • Having the ability to write a good report
  • Has a good integrity
  • Able to work in a high mobility
6. Warranty Claim Supervisor (TSD-WCS)
Job Description
  • Responsible for engineering services in the Dealer/ AHASS
  • Preparing, reviewing, revising and ensuring Activity Plan, both national and regional
  • Creating regular annual project, socialize, and ensuring the implementation of project on Main Dealer, Dealers & AHASS
  • Seek, process and analyze competitors' programs to increase competition in the engineering services
  • Ensuring the implementation of Market Treatment and Backup Part control on Main Dealer, Dealers & AHASS
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) majoring in Electrical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Having the ability to analyze the problem solving and provide appropriate solutions
  • Having the ability to make a presentation
  • Having the ability in terms of coordinating with the team, either with people or in the system
    Should you interested please apply or send your Complete applications to PT Astra Honda Motor at links below. Closing Date : January 31, 2011.

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